Keep Keyword density below 4%

In this article, we are going to discuss the formula of keyword density. In search engine optimization keyword density plays a big role. If the density is higher, the possibility of ranking for a particular keyword also goes higher. Once it was easy for people to optimize their article using repetitive keywords. But things have changed. You can’t use the same keywords multiple times and expect your article will rank for that.

Popular Formula of Keyword Density

Google doesn’t reveal their secret of ranking criteria so that people can not use it badly(The ideal density is not 0.3%, 3% or, 33%). But, it is a well-known fact that a higher density of a particular keyword doesn’t rank and even indexed in Google and Bing. It is possible to rank an article even if you don’t optimize the article properly for a keyphrase. Over-optimization can lead you to negative results.

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Two formulas are popular,

Number 1

The density of keyword should be below 4%. Various types of SEO tools and SEO experts suggest bloggers to keep the density below 3%. You probably know that longer articles rank better than the shorter one. One of the reason for that is you can use the keyphrase more in a longer article to keep the density below the expected level.

Number 2

After analyzing the ranking of articles some people suggests that you can use your keyword once in 100 words, for a 1000 words long article. Keep in mind, we sometime select a keyphrase of 3/4 words . In that case I am suggested you to use it once in 300 or, 400 words.

Google Webmaster talked about the density of keywords,

You can read more about- keyword prominence and proximity

Further Suggestion:

Never use the same key phrase again and again to rank their article. Keep in mind, never write anything for the bot but for the real human readers. A few suggestions for you-

  1. Make sure that your article looks natural, don’t impose keywords in it
  2. Try to create attractive and engaging content. Don’t let your readers move before finishing the article
  3. The ideal density depends on articles, pages, phrases, online presence, and a lot more things.
  4. Keep the keyword below 3% as an expert suggests. In some cases, it may rank for a higher density. But that is found as an exception.
  5. Never use repeated key phrases in any article. It may hurt your SEO

Final Thought: All the things we have said depends on evidence-driven assumptions. There is no secret recipe or, a formula of keyword density in SEO. You don’t need to think much about it. Focus on your article.

Famous Blogger Rank Fishkin Says, 

“The TRUTH is simply that modern search engines have never used keyword density”

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