Ten Smart Ways of Gaining Backlinks to Your Website

Gaining backlinks to your website is a great way to improve the SEO performance. But it is not so easy to get backlinks for a new website. No one will give you a link back to your website without any logical reason. In this article, I am going to reveal some of the easiest ways to get backlinks.

Easiest Possible Process of Gaining Backlinks

We all know that high-quality links have more values. But, it is very tough to get at the same time. We are not going to tell you that tough process. We analyze, research, and find out some easiest ways of gaining links. Let’s start-

  1. Profile Creation
  2. Forum Signature
  3. Guest Posting
  4. Blog Commenting
  5. Infographic Creation
  6. Resource Share
  7. Research Result Share
  8. Link Giveaway
  9. Internal Link Building
  10. Free PDF Share

This is the easiest way. There are many websites that provide free profile creation services. You just need to find out a list of websites that are allowing do-follow links. Bloggers already created the list for you(Google it to find out). Now it’s time to complete the profile with all the information and put the website URL on the website section.

Newbies usually make a mistake. They try to write something about a topic and share link to their website. It is one kind of spamming. To build a natural link you should avoid spamming. Google sometimes deindex spammy web pages. A common option is a signature in BB forums. You can get the benefit of it. You can use photos, written text or, link as a signature- only one signature can be used for an account. After every answer you made on that forum, your signature will be shown at the bottom. Natural engagement with a forum can bring relevant visitors and authority for your website.

Till now, this is the best way. Google doesn’t allow link exchange or, buying/selling. To be fair you have to do guest posts on a high authority website. All the high authority sites allow their users to do guest posts on their sites. They need quality content. You may have to write an article of 500+, 700+ or, 1500+ words to get a backlink for your web page. In the long run, you will get benefits from it. PA, DA, CF, TF, DR, daily average visitors, etc. can be considerable metrics in that case.

There is a possibility that newbies will overflood with blog commenting. Irrelevant comments will bring nothing for you. To get a link from relevant and natural comments, try to be careful. There are many WordPress blogs where you can post a comment with your name and website address. Read the article carefully and then put a comment. The possibility will be higher that the writer will allow it on their site.

This sometimes appears as a great SEO ranking factor. The reader has a tendency to read carefully when they found an article with an infographic. People also share a lot of infographic on social media. It is more engaging as well. You can create a great infographic with proper analysis and hard work, and then share the embed code so that anyone can use the infographic on their site. Inside the embed code, you can put the link to the article. More share=more backlinks. You can read more about it- Infographic is One of The Most Underrated SEO Ranking Factors

6. Resource Share

Everyone share important resources. For example- 400 website that accepts guest posts instantly. You must share this info with your friends(bloggers). There are lots of resources of various types. All important resources are shared. The more you get to share more you will get backlinks for your web page. Collect and share more resources.

Moz is a great website for bloggers and SEO marketers. They share their research results with everyone. As an SEO blogger, I usually share their statistics. Their SEO analysis attracts me a lot. And I think it can be shared with my blog readers. Example: Title and Meta Description Examples-This is one of my articles. Here I shared the MOZ research results about meta description. If you can do some research and share it with your readers, they will also willingly share it on their site with a link back to the research result page. Expert bloggers do this very often.

There is an option on WordPress called pingback. Whenever you share a link with others. They will get a notification that someone links back to your blog. And sometimes WordPress does the pingback without asking. A giveaway is a good practice to get backlinks. A misconception is very popular that link giveaway means link juice giveaway which is harmful. The concept is not right. Link back to other sites gives a relevancy signal to Google which actually positive help.

Some bloggers have a tendency to avoid internal link building. The truth is- it is equally effective as an external link building. Internally linked web pages have a higher tendency to rank better. Google gives authority to every single web page. All the web pages of your website don’t have the same authority. If you link it more, the lower-ranked web pages will get a boost up. It also gives your readers a great way to explore the site.

All bloggers know many things about their blogging niche. They need to study, analyze, and research. You also can create a pdf file with your knowledge and internet resources. I am suggesting you do it. And then share it on pdf sharing sites like- Slideshare, Issuu, academia.edu, and lot more sites. People will download it and share it with their friends. Keep in mind, you have to put some relevant links inside that. These links will word as backlinks.

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My comment box is open for any questions or, queries. I hope the 10 best ways of gaining backlinks to your web page help you a lot. If you follow all those things, it will help you to improve the SEO performance of your website a lot.


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