How To Earn Money From Free WordPress Blog?

money from free wordpress blog

You can earn money from a free WordPress blog or, any type of free blog in many ways. In this article, I am going to explain how to do that. You probably know that you can enjoy limited features for your free blog. You can’t show javascript ads like AdSense there. Still, it is possible to earn money in hundreds of ways.

Visitors Are The Key To Earn Money from Blog

The key thing a blogger need is real visitors with real interest to visit your blog. Since is a highly authoritative blog, you can easily rank a keyword in the search results and can get visitors from it. Let’s see some metrics of this site-

  • Moz DA- 92
  • Moz PA-88
  • Majestic CF-86
  • Majestic TF- 86

All these are extremely high. And Google says in their video that they consider subdomain as a part of the same website. We also notice that in search results, WordPress sites can come to searches very easily.

10 Ways To Earn Money from Free WordPress Blog

The primary source of income for a blogger is not Adsense,, or, any other advertising.  All the successful bloggers earn money from affiliate commissions and they enjoy it more. Let’s see 10 way to earn money from any blogs(even from free WordPress, Weebly, Wix or, anything)-

1.  Affiliate Marketing

If you can help to sell a product using the given link from your blog you can earn a commission from the sellers- this is called an affiliate marketing. Amazon, Clickbank, Comissionjunction, ShareAsale are some of the most popular affiliate sites. Apart from those sites, you can sell relevant services or, online products related to your niche. And earn a commission from them. There are thousands of sites that want to increase their sell.

2. Sponsored Blog Post

You can sell sponsored blog posts from your blog. There are many organizations and bloggers with a similar niche. They are searching for a blog where they can write a sponsored post. You can offer this kind of post and earn money from it. You just need a good amount of visitors to your blog.

3. Sponsored Reviews

This is a great way to earn money from any blog. Like sponsored posts, you can publish review posts from your site about android apps, websites, online and offline services, etc, and earn money from it. There are lots of websites that offer this kind of reviews for popular blogs.

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4. Sell Ebooks On Your Blog

You can sell ebooks from your blog. Creating an ebook is not a tough task if you are experienced in blogging. Using your knowledge and online resources you easily can create a great ebook and sell it online.

5. Offer Freelance Services

You also can offer freelance services for your readers. Freelancing is becoming more popular day by day. Online writing services, SEO services, some design works, and anything you can do is suitable for you to sell as a blogger.

6. Own Consulting Business

You offer consulting services from your blog. As a human being with spending a lot of days, hours, months, and years on earth you have earned some experiences in a certain field. Help the newbies to learn new things and earn some money.

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7. Sell Physical Products

People are yarning for organic and fresh foods, necessary tools, and a lot more things. You can sell physical products using your blog very easily. You don’t need to give much effort into it. Your desire and effort can drive you to success.

8. Own Ad Spot

You can’t show Adsense or, any javascript ads on your site but you can show images and text on your site. So, selling your own ad spot is a great idea. You can sell it to earn money.

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9. Online Teaching

You can teach people online using your blog. There are many e-learning websites that charge money from subscribers. You can upload videos on youtube or, Vimeo and create a group on Facebook inviting your students. And then offer them courses from your blog. They can comment and learn from you, and you can earn a decent amount of money from it.

10. Arrange Webinars/Debate/Discussion

You can arrange a webinar, debate, or, panel discussion hiring experts in certain fields. And you can do it yourself if you are an expert on something. Create a paid subscription plan for joining the learning session.


Final Thought:

From this discussion, you have learned how to earn money from a free WordPress blog in 10 ways. If you have a good amount of visitors in your blog you can earn money in hundreds of ways. The key to the success of a blog is to gain targetted visitors. Please comment below if you want to know or, say anything.

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