Tips For Buying Domain Names For SEO Purpose

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Buying domain names for SEO is not a tough task. You just need to follow a few steps. Domain names play a big role in the long run. It should be short, easy to remember and the keyphrase or, part of it should be in the domain name. In this article, I will tell you how to choose the best domain name for any blog or, business.

Buying Domain Names for SEO

After analyzing we made a list of 10 important things to consider before buying a domain name for SEO. Here is the list-

(You can click on each term and visit that topic, in particular, )

  1. Memorable and Shorter Name
  2. .Com is the Best TLD
  3. Don’t Choose Bad Words
  4. Reflect Niche or, Business Idea
  5. SEO Optimized TLD
  6. Unique Domain Name
  7. Catchy and Elegant
  8. New Domain is Better
  9. Historical Data
  10. Different From Big Brands

1. Memorable and Short Domain Names

A good domain name should be relevant and memorable. You probably know that the original website address is very tough to remember it’s like 192.168….. 2.1. We made it easier with,, etc. Try to pick a name that people can easily memorize.  The first website address was Think about Facebook and Google. People can easily memorize this name. Think about luzcameraredacau- can you memorize it? So, let people memorize your domain name. You need to choose a short available domain name. It is easy to memorize.

2. The best TLD is .com

Among many TLDs with matching keyphrase .com is the best. Because it is the most popular TLD with good records. You can rank your website on Google with any domain name. But people are familiar with .com, they have a tendency to visit .com site(subconscious mind play the game). Apart from that, much less popular TLD has a record of spamming. If it is not tough to get your desired domain name, please go for .com. You can choose other TLD if they match more with your niche. Still, I am saying .com is the best.

3. Never chose Bad Words

Domain names are the identity of your brand. No successful brands use bad or, dirty words in their domain name. There are some people who chose some dirty words for fun purpose. But the best practice is to choose socially acceptable and praised words. If somehow your country or, domain name provider allows you to use dirty words in your domain name. It is harmful in the long term. So, avoid it.

4. Reflection of Niche Or, Business Idea

You are taking domain for your blog niche or, business. So, it should be not only related to that but also reflect the concept of your website. For, example I can say The first thing comes to mind it links. The site actually links people, job seekers, companies, brands, and more. You must have a desire to build a brand. So, take the domain name that reflects your brand in one word.

5. SEO Optimized Domain Name

I already told you that .com is the best TLD. But sometimes you can take other TLDs as well. The part of your website niche idea or, the whole keyphrase should be in the domain name. For more relevancy, you can take the domain names with other extensions. For example, I can say .photography. I photographer should be interested in this TLD naturally. Say, Mr. John, wants to create a UK based blog. He should go for These are the key concept of SEO optimized domain name. You can read more about-

6. Unique Domain Name

Your domain name should not match with other domains. If it is similar to some other domain name, Google will show one of the two in searches. You need to beat the competitor in that case. So, it is better to choose something unique. Unique names will automatically come to the first page of the search result. Your website users will easily get it on searches.

7. Catchy and Elegant

As you are interested in SEO, you should know that catchy title and meta description get more CTR(Click Through Rate) in searches. Your domain name should be catchy and elegant. People will remember it and expect something good from it. For example consider, blog A has better content with domain name and blog B has comparatively lower quality content with a domain name Naturally, people will visit blog B for food recipes. It is relevant and catchy.

8. The New Domain Name is Better

I prefer new domain names over the old one. People want to find out old high authority domain names for their business so that they can get benefit from already ranked web pages. The truth is Google doesn’t consider a website better with new content(with an old domain). It’s all about quality and relevancy. Sometimes broken links can hurt your SEO. With a new domain name, you can build your brand fro the beginning. All the web pages will be live forever.

9. Historical Data Analysis

You can buy an old domain. In that case, you need a detailed historical analysis. The domain may have any bad records in the past. You have to consider that it may harm your site. Buy a domain name with good track records. If some pages of that site already ranked on Google, you can recreate those pages for those particular keyphrases. The best practice is to buy the domain name with all the content. And in some cases, you can buy the old domain without considering anything but brand value.

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10. Different From Big Brands

Some people do a mistake. They follow big brands and create a website with similar domain names. They think that they can get more visitors to their website due to the name. People will get confused and visit my website. It will not bring anything good. For example- you can create a website with the domain name People may think that it is the New York Times newspaper. They will visit and instantly bounce back. A higher bounce rate has a serious impact on Google search results.  It will never create a brand for you. Try to create something new with no similarity with big brands. It will help you in the long run.

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These are the best tips for buying a domain name for SEO. Google doesn’t consider any domain name as better. They have different metrics to decide which website has the higher authority and which one is more relevant. If you follow these things before buying a domain name, you will win in the long run.


Name Generator Tools May Help You:

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  2. Namemesh- Domain Name Generator

These are my ideas on buying domain names for SEO purposes. I hope it will help you to buy an SEO optimized domain name. Thanks for reading. 

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