Best SEO Title and Meta Description Examples

In this article, we are going to represent the SEO title and meta description examples.  The meta description is a summary of the content. And meta title is the key idea of the content. The summary should be below 155 characters.

You should put the search phrase on that short description and on the title. Proper implementation of these two things is important.

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Title and Meta Description HTML Tag Examples

When people search for a topic on Google, they see the title and meta descriptions on Google SERP(Search Engine Result Pages). Let’s see an example of HTML Meta Tag-

<meta name=”description” content=”Meta description goes here. It should be less than 155 characters. It will be the summary of the content and keyword must be included”/>

<title>Here is the Title of webpage</title>

Google Said-

“make sure every page on your site has a title specified in the <title> tag.”

An attractive meta can attract more people. When someone needs to find something from a search engine. The person searches on Google and reads the article with an attractive title and description. If you write great content and the description can not attract people to read it, it may not work well in the search engines.

Google cares about CTR- click-through rate2 . You will not get a visit for all the searches. Some people will visit your content and some people will ignore it.

Do Google Show The Exact Meta Description?

Not necessarily. Google shows the exact title. It takes description from meta, first paragraph, important text(the part of the content where people attracted most), truncated meta, and sometimes it shows text from content on SERP1.

Let’s see the result of Moz study on 70, 059 meta examples(Y-axis indicate percentage in the graph)

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  • Exact Meta Title 51.3%

    On 51.3% cases, Google shows an exact meta tag without changes. You should consider it and optimize it accordingly


  • Meta+ Added Text 15.4%

    Google always try to show something that people are looking for. It shows meta With added text


  • Truncated Meta With Ellipsis- 3.2%

    Google is smarter than we can imagine. It knows very well what people want. And optimize it accordingly.


  • Matching and Popular Text- 45%

    In many cases, Google simply doesn't care about meta and shows a popular text or, matching text from any part of the content.


Title And Meta Description Examples From Google Search

You must put the on the meta tag. You may use the synonymous words, you can use with lower proximity, or you can use it at the beginning or, end.

The key idea of writing SEO optimized content is you have to tell the search engine that this article is about this particular keyword. Let’s see some example-

"Find a sponsor for your web site. Get paid for your great content"-

Keyword in the middle- Google

title and meta description example

Keyword At the Beginning- Bing

Keyword at the beginning of description

Similar Keyphrase on Meta Description- How to Create Facebook Page

Similar keyphrase on meta description

Exact Keyphrase At The End of Meta Tag- how to write Seo articles in four easy steps

Keyphrase With Exact match at middle

In the examples, the title is either exactly the same as keywords or, similar to the keywords. The basic thing is you have to use- natural and attractive title.

And the title should express the same meaning as the keyphrase.

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5 Best Meta Description Writer Tool

To write a perfect SEO optimized title and meta description for a web page you can use some free tools. These meta description writer tools will help you to get more visits from searches. Here are the tools-

1. Kayakmarketing Meta Description Tool: You can simply put the title, URL, and meta description on the form. And you will be able to see the search result preview below. Visit Now

2. SEOBook Meta Tag Generator: SEObook meta tag generator is a great tool to create HTML code for meta tags. Give the title, description and keywords. It will create an HTML file for you. Visit SEObook

3. Google Sheet Meta Description Addon: This tool is exceptional for artificial intelligence. A google sheet add-on which can create a perfect meta description from any URL. Google Sheet Addon

4. Yoast SEO Tool For WordPress: Yoast SEO tool is one of the most popular tools on WordPress. You can simply edit the title, url and meta and optimize all these for one or, more keywords.  Visit Now

5. Rankmath SEO Tool For WordPress: Rankmath SEO tool can be used to create a great meta description. It is similar to Yoast. And many people think this one is better. It will give the SEO score for the article and help you to write the perfect meta title and meta description. Visit Now

Google said-

“Snippets are automatically created from page content. Snippets are designed to emphasize and preview the page content that best relates to a user’s specific search: this means that a page might show different snippets for different searches”

Please, express your thought about the title and meta description examples in the comment box below. Your opinion will help us to improve. Tell us, which tool you use to write meta description?



1. What is SERP- Marketingterms

2. CTR-Click Through Rate- Google Support

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